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All Work And No Play | Deadpool & Catwoman


A figure peeled away from the darkness, folding outwards to form, briefly, the shape of a woman before the black-clad femme vanished into the dark again. Claws scraped over metal as she flipped up and onto a cargo crate. Bolting across the top, seeming to vanish in and out of the shadows of the clouds, vanishing between the watery beams of weak light from the sliver of the moon in the sky, the figure leaped over a fatal drop. A slender length of leather floated out, catching the motionless frame used to hoist heavy crates onto the ships. As it rocked with her added weight, she swung herself down to the end of her whip and leaped, flicking it just enough to loosen it. Flinging herself around, she landed in the darkness again.

It was the typical night of business in Gotham, with just enough darkness to cover their movements, and just enough light to be slightly difficult for a man in a bat costume. Unfortunately for them, they had attracted someone infinitely more connected to their activities.

And infinitely more angry.

Selina stopped in the darkness, eyes narrowed when she saw who the gatekeeper for this operation was. Climbing up the side of the crates, she crouched in the darkness, fingers folding over the edge of one crate, claws scraping along the metal.

“Wade.” Her voice was husky, but not with sensuality. With rage. “Please tell me you’re out for a midnight stroll.”

The fish and the smugglers were not all that lurked in the shadows tonight. Deadpool’s ears heard that low, sultry tone come from none other than Selina Kyle, Gotham’s notorious Catwoman. A smirk pulled at Wade’s lips and he turned quietly to face her.

"Well actually these fine gentlemen asked me t’watch out for trouble and protect ‘em as they load up this cargo." A head inclined casually (both hands still held a firm grip on the rifle) to the left. "Got myself paid upfront, it’s a real doozy. They load up, they ship out, I disappear a richer man. Half a million dollars richer actually, which to be honest is just enough to cover my internet porn bill each month so I’m not too open t’sharing with you." Whether that was a joke or not was not made clear, with Deadpool jokes never were. Unless he decided to explicitly tell one of course.

"If you’re here to pinch those helpless tuna-fish" again nodding his head toward the men "I’m going to have t’ask you to move along. Kitty may have claws but she don’t need to get them grubby in this business." The mercenary seemed rather adamant, although the details on the job were scarce, half a million dollars was more than enough a reason to get it done well.

Which, of course, was the whole idea.

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