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Deadpool: Reading Order


I saw quite a few people liking this so here’s a reblog-friendly version.

  • Deadpool Classic Volumes 1-7
    -This is all of the original Deadpool stuff, right from his first appearance to his first two miniseries (v1) and up to issue #56 of volume 2. Be warned, there are 69 issues in Deadpool v2 and they aren’t all collected in TPB (trade paperback) yet. DP Classic volumes 1-5 are the very best Deadpool stories in my opinion.
  • Agent X 
    -Unfortunately not collected in TPB yet, however, it isn’t required although you may be left confused in Cable & Deadpool if you haven’t read this.
  • Cable & Deadpool volumes 1-8 (or the Ultimate Collections) 
    - Picks up after Deadpool v2 ends, widely considered some of the best Deadpool material and I won’t argue with that.

  • Deadpool v3 (2008-current) 
    -Picks up after Cable & Deadpool. These are collected in TPBs starting with Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, X Marks The Spot, Monkey Business, What Happens In Vegas, I Rule You Suck, Space Oddity, Operation Annihilation  Institutionalized, Evil Deadpool & Dead. They’re written by Daniel Way and fairly recent. I don’t personally like this run but you might so I’ll include it for completion’s sake.
  • Uncanny X-Force 
    -This is collected in several trades (The Apocalypse Solution, Deathlok Nation, Dark Angel Saga Books I & II, Otherworld) and picks up somewhere in the middle of Deadpool v3 but it is far superior, eventually (issue #25) it starts to run after Deadpool #54 and then they coincide somewhat.


  • Merc With A Mouth / Prelude to Deadpool Corps / Deadpool Corps 
    - Runs alongside v3, however v3 isn’t required reading to understand what’s going on. It shares a lot of the same qualities however the writing is better (my opinion). More or less a standalone, however they all follow on like a trilogy.

  • Deadpool Team-Up
    - Again this just runs alongside v3 and you don’t need to have read any of the main run to understand it. Three TPB volumes.

  • Deadpool: Suicide Kings / Game$ of Death 
    - Collected in trade paperback and again a standalone story.
  • Deadpool: Dead Head Redemption
    - Collects Deadpool #900 & #1000

  • Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War 
    - Standalone story again, collected in TPB.

  • Deadpool: Pulp
    - AU (Alternate Universe) 4 issue Deadpool mini which is fantastic and collected in TPB. 

  • Deadpool: MAX
    - AU and more ‘mature’ Deadpool series, collected in three TPBs (Deadpool: Max - Nutjob, Deadpool: Max - Involuntary Armageddon & Deadpool: Max - Second Cut) 

think this is everything more or less. I hope this helps!

Last Updated: 15th Sept. 2012




Anonymous asked: Quick question. Where is the best place to purchase the first Deadpool series you recommend?

I’d start with Deadpool Classic volume 1 and that can be purchased from Amazon or ComiXology if you prefer digital comics.

Anonymous asked: hi,can you tell me what deadpool the complete collection volume 1 is then and where it fits into the timeline?

I assume you mean this one? That’s the start of Daniel Way’s run and it fits in after Cable & Deadpool.

I wouldn’t recommend starting there because it’s trash.



Winter London Film & Comic Con here we come!

I’m off to WLFCC tomorrow as Deadpool Inc. Wade (complete with keychain Rhino!) so maybe I’ll see some of you there! 


I swear I’m still alive I just need to motivate myself to write. I think sit down tomorrow and just get on with these drafts.

The Man of Your Dreams
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  • A spoopy blog to haunt your character’s nightmares for the month of October and possibly beyond
  • Creepy burned murderer with knives for fingers and a penchant for wisecracks
  • What’s not to love????

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I’m gonna try to get to replies tomorrow (Alien: Isolation never turned up so that was my initial plan). 

If you wanna interact with the man of your dreams for the time being, go over here.



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  1. What got you into roleplaying?
    I read about it on a discussion forum, somebody was advertising their new ProBoards RP forum (haha remember those days you guys) and I signed up to see what it was like. I’ve always enjoyed writing stories so I figured a group story would be interesting to do, and it was!

  2. Is there a particular scenario you’ve written out that sticks with you for some reason (whether the idea/plot was so great, or even something just went horribly wrong)?
    I wrote a really great thread with technerdfortheunderground which felt, to us, like something straight out of the comics. The blog hasn’t been active in nearly two years but it was planned out and executed fantastically. I have it all archived here if anybody felt like reading through. I imagine my parts are not as good as I remember.

  3. Have you made any great friendships or bonds through rping?
    Too many to count. Most of the people I consider close friends I’ve met through RP. I’ve met a few of them and they’re some of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with.

  4. What other character, besides the one you write, would you like to play? — regardless of how well you think you could pull them off.
    I tried playing Star-Lord recently but he died out a week or so ago. I had Master Chief as well before that but again he’s gone. Anybody I want to play I just don’t play because Wade’s muse is too overbearing and I lose interest very quickly. I think he gets jealous.

  5. What’s one similarity between you and your character?
    We both have issues with self-esteem.

  6. What’s a difference?
    Wade can usually hide his self-esteem issues.

  7. If you could go anywhere in the world, or be with any person: where and/or with who?
    I’d go back to Chicago in a heartbeat and I’d love to travel to New York at some point. I’d like to be with my friends I’ve met, and some I haven’t, because nobody I know here at home is anywhere near as into comics as I am.

  8. Do you have a certain writing process when it comes to drafts (or any other personal projects)?
    Usually I just sit here and write, sometimes I have to force myself to and other times I feel like I can just flow. It’s difficult lately because of these weird shifts at work, I’m not around anywhere near as much as I used to be because I’m tired a lot and can’t get the inspiration flowing.

  9. Do you have any other fandoms you’re into? — Or any other shows/books/movies/etc. you’re currently following.
    I’m into Doctor Who, Halo, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, the MCU in general really and lately I’ve been watching a lot of horror movies. I like the old 80s ones like Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The Thing etc. but I’ve ventured into more modern territory too.

  10. Are you reading any comics currently? — What’s on your pull list?
    It’s a long list; Deadpool, Hawkeye vs. Deadpool, Thunderbolts, The Punisher, Black Widow, X-Force, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Uncanny X-Men, All-New X-Men, She-Hulk, Elektra, Storm, Legendary Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Guardians 3000.
    I’ve also added; AXIS, Deadpool’s Art of War, Spider-Man and the X-Men and S.H.I.E.L.D for the coming months.

  11. What’s your favorite word? (Alternately: what’s a word that you tend to write a lot, whether subconsciously or because you think it makes the situation better, or you sound more sophisticated?)
    Honestly I don’t know. I seem to go through phases of words I pick up and use and then forget about because I learn a new one. Sometimes I’ll remember it and it’ll appear in almost every post for a week or so. It depends, but I have no idea what my favourite word is.

My questions

  1. What’s the thread or piece of writing you’re most proud of (and can we have a link)?
  2. In what ways do you relate to your muse?
  3. How do you get into the headspace of your muse?
  4. Is there a thread or topic you’ve been dying to write about but haven’t yet had the opportunity to write? What is it?
  5. Is your muse also your favourite character?
  6. Is there anything which influences how you play your character?
  7. What is your favourite memory from RP?
  8. Do you play many other characters?
  9. What are your plans for Halloween, if any?
  10. What are your muse’s plans for Halloween?
  11. What’s your favourite scary movie?

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