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That's me in a nutshell... just a regular slob trying to do the right thing... without... getting my head blown off.

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Okay, okay I’ve been up since 5am and I had a super stressful day at work so I’m hoping to get to replies Monday. Monday I’m not at work so hopefully I can just motivate myself to do them then! The movie announcement has my muse pretty charged.




I promise I’m not trying to neglect this blog on purpose, I’m hoping to be around over the weekend where I don’t have access to my Xbox One (which has been taking up 100% of my time :I)



regeneratingdegenerate replied to your post “I’m still playing Destiny, but please leave me a few of those kiss…”


i have a boner right now okay. 

I jumped into a dance party at the Tower, a bunch of characters were standing on the spire things which hover above the killzone right behind where you spawn in. It was magical. 



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  • Name: Luke
  • How old were you when you first started RP-ing?:  I honestly can’t remember whoops. 14-15 maybe? Certainly not as long as some on here.

  • Height: 5’10” (I think)

  • OC’s or Canons?: I prefer canons to be completely honest, some OCs are very well thought out and hugely creative though. I just find it easier to interact with established characters. I am always open to reading OC’s pages and there have been a few lately who are really cool.

  • Prefer to play females or males?: Males. I’ve never RPd a female character yet, though!
  • Favorite face claim to play: I don’t have a face claim for Deadpool and he’s pretty much my only active account so none really. 
  • Least favorite face claim: No idea if I’m honest.

  • Worst rp experience ever: OOC drama is never fun. Quite a bit of that toward of my end of the first year on here, it was stressful. I’m lucky nowadays because I avoid RP groups and since I’ve been an independent blog I’ve not really had any trouble.

  • Fluff, angst, or smut?: Angst for sure, nothing is better to write than Deadpool in tons of pain reflecting on what a shitty person he thinks he is while shooting some guy in the face and cracking morbid jokes. Why else would I be RPing out ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’ arc? It’s the most painful Deadpool story ever.

  • Most overused FC: There are a lot who I can picture but I don’t remember their names whoops.

  • First character you ever made: Some generic space marine on a proboards forum. I’m not very good with OCs.

  • Worst character you’ve ever played: Deadpool’s a pretty terrible person! (Unless this means the worst written character?  In which case I legitimately don’t know.)
  • Favorite type of plot: FIGHT THREADS FIGHT THREADS FIGHT THREADS. I love me some fight threads, cannot get enough of them. You ever wanna try to rough Deadpool up or maybe get your ass handed to you by my main merc then be my guest!
  • At what time of day is your writing the best?: When I’m feeling the spark of inspiration, sometimes I’m drowning in muse and other times it’s a struggle to push my way through.

  • Are you anything like your muse?: Well I don’t much like myself, for a few reasons, I don’t like my face, I’m a fan of Mexican dishes and generally a fan of junk food, I have big bursts of confidence so long as I’m wearing a mask (it’s pretty awesome)… but I don’t kill people so I guess nah.
  • Worst thing about RP (in general or on Tumblr): Everyone who tries to make it a competition or sees it as a responsibility or something to interact with everyone. I come on here to have fun and if I don’t want to greet someone then I won’t greet them, I’m not going to go out of my way to post or offer a starter when I don’t think I’m going to enjoy the characters interacting. People take it way too seriously sometimes and then Anon hate gets involved, like, grow up. Maybe that makes me sound like a dick, I don’t know. I have favourite portrayals and people who I prefer to play with and I think anyone who says that they don’t is a liar.
  • To end on a good note — best thing about RP?: If you told me a few years ago that, due to me playing a mentally unhinged mercenary, I’d expand my comics horizon, go to my first comic con and meet some amazing people, fly to Chicago alone to meet up with more amazing people and attend an American con (TWICE) and generally be left with more close friends than I can count — too many to mention — then I’d have probably laughed because how can that be possible?
    RP has basically helped me accept what I like and my friends have helped me access some confidence and gain a real appreciation for writing, comics and movies. I’ve read recommended books (comics and prose), watched new films and TV shows and experienced things I didn’t think possible (America again). I’ve not really been around as much as of late but I truly am grateful for everyone I’ve met on here and especially to those I talk to regularly.

  • Tag five or more awesome people: buryme-withmyspurs, stillmanlierthanyou, clawedcanadian, noonediesonmywatch, fangedfirecracker, aspecificskillset, hubcityquestion, thousandsoffaces, xprodigium 

    Hopefully you guys haven’t done this yet; idk who else to tag but if you wanna do this then feel free!

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I’m picking up an Xbox One and Destiny today so idk when I’ll be replying but hopefully it’ll be soon :I

Update I bought the Xbone but it doesn’t read discs so it’s going back to the store for a new one dammit


I’m picking up an Xbox One and Destiny today so idk when I’ll be replying but hopefully it’ll be soon :I


Weh break is over, I shall be back later today (GMT time anyway). Back to night work ;c




My favorite hammer-tossin’ God. I ever tell you you’re the only deity I have any faith in?

          I have not heard it, but I believe it. [ Laughs ] How do you fare, old friend?

I’m pretty good, all things considered. Ain’t so much going on these days, y’know? An’ with you?


-Harmonica noises-

The mun’s at work~

-Harmonica is in pain-

It’s gone 2AM~

-Harmonica crying desperately for help-

Sucks to be him~

-Tortured harmonica crescendo-